My name is Renée Garcia and I am a Reality Transurfer. I am not a self-help coach, motivational speaker or a guru of anything. I am just another soul who had been searching for something to teach me how live, to make things easier, to give my life some meaning. If these words get lost in a sea of bullshit feel good mantras, candy coated empowerment memes and con artist inspirational life coach websites, so be it.

There have been many moments in my my life where I couldn’t even get out of bed. The world weighed on me leaving me saddened, desperate and lacking energy for even the most menial aspects of life, nevermind the achievement of seemingly elusive feelings of contentment and happiness.

I’ve struggled, felt lost and searched at lengths for answers. From the first few moments of reading Vadim Zeland’s first book Reality Transurfing Steps I-V, I felt a significant and monumental shift. This book gave me the knowledge to allow me to shift my paradigm. It opened my eyes to the hidden structure behind reality as we are programmed to perceive it and then helped me to break it all down and rebuild. I then started to see a world I actually wanted to live in, a world I wanted to be a part of in a meaningful and fulfilling way. I also saw a person, myself, being given a miraculous opportunity to rewrite the script for her life. So I took it.

I am not claiming that the ideas presented in this book will work for you, I am simply here to tell you how they worked for me.

Ever since a very young age I fought the world for everything. My belief was that other people were reaping the benefits of being well connected, educated or lucky. I also believed that happiness, personal/spiritual success and inner peace was all something I simply was not wired for and if I were ever able to achieve any of this I was going to have to fight for it tooth and nail. So it became habit; everyday I would expend huge amounts of energy in vain, spinning my wheels for the things I wanted, negotiating, worrying that I would never get there, wherever the hell that was, and feeling as though I was always a step behind. I placed importance on many things, things I now believe to be of little or no importance. I used everything inside of me to achieve things that I ultimately found to be meaningless and my soul suffered greatly as a consequence. The closer I got to the person I thought I wanted to be, the more dark my life became. Then I figured out a way to turn it around.

Things are not perfect since I have found Reality Transurfing but they are pretty damn good. I woke up this morning with purpose and with the knowledge and excitement that magic is in front of me today, if I just keep my eyes open. The things that once bothered me about myself and the world we live in continue to fade into a distant memory. I understand now that happiness is a choice and my given right as a human being. I am the one in control of my reality. I am the one who decides how I feel. I am the one who holds all the power in creating a life that is exactly the way I want it to be. This is my new reality.

My intention with this website is to help others gain access to this new information and gain the same knowledge I have, which I have used to choose something different for myself. After practicing these methods and feeling as though I have found something of truly undeniable value, I have taken the appropriate steps to offer myself as someone who may possibly be able to help you, should you need it. I have also made it my personal mission to bring light to the works of Vadim Zeland worldwide, and at home, and offer whatever is asked of me to get this knowledge out there.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or experiences you may have had with Reality Transurfing or if would like to add anything to this site.

May the strings of your reality be in your hands today…

Renée Garcia