Balancing Forces

Wherever there is excessive potential, Balancing Forces arise, directed towards its removal. They are created by mental energy when a person gives undue importance to an object.

For example, let’s compare two situations: you sit on the floor in your room, and after that on the edge of an abyss. In the first case you are not excited at all, while the second situation is vital for you – one careless movement could lead to your end.

From energy perspective, the fact that you are sitting, have the same meaning in both cases. But when you’re on the edge of the abyss, your fear creates tension, inhomogeneity in the energy field, as a result of which balancing forces arise aimed to eliminate the imbalance. You can even actually feel their effects: on the one hand, some unexplained force pulls you down, on the other hand- other force pulls you further away from the edge.

Because in order to eliminate the excessive potential of your fear, balancing forces must either withdraw you from the edge, or throw you down and finish with it. It is their action that you feel. The effect of balancing forces for removing excessive potentials creates the vast majority of problems. Their treachery lies in the fact that one often gets results, just opposite to his/ her intention, and does not understand what is happening. Hence the feeling that some unexplained evil force acts, a kind of “law of universal evil.”

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