Induced Transition

Accidents, natural disasters, armed conflicts and economic crises are evolving in the form of a spiral. They emerge, develop, pressure is accelerating, the climax comes, emotions are running high in full force and finally lead to the outcome – all the energy is dispersed in space and temporary calm occurs. Whirlpools work similarly.

The attention of a group of people falls into the clutches of the pendulum, it sways more strongly, captivating them on lifelines with disasters. One responds to the first push of the pendulum – for example, reacts to a negative event, takes part in the inception and falls within the zone of the spiral activity, which is further accelerating and (s)he is pulled into the whirlpool.

The phenomenon of absorption into the whirlpool is defined as an induced transition on such a vital line where one becomes a victim. His/ her response towards the pull of the pendulum and the subsequent feeding with the energy of the fluctuations, induces transition on a vital line with a frequency similar to the oscillations of the pendulum. Consequently, the negative event is included in the layer of the world of this person.

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