Unity of Soul and Mind

The mind has a will, but is unable to control external intention. The soul is able to sense its identity with the external intention, but it does not have will. It flies around in the space of variations, like an uncontrollable kite. In order to submit external intention to your will, you have to achieve unity of the soul and mind.

This is the state in which the feelings of the soul and the mind’s thoughts are joined as one. For example, when you are filled with joyful inspiration, your soul ‘sings’, while your mind ‘rubs its hands with satisfaction’. In this state you are able to create. But it does also happen that your soul and mind find unity in anxiety, fear and denial … as a result, your worst expectations come true. Finally, if the rational mind is saying the same thing over and over again, while the heart resist, it means that the soul and mind are in discord.

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